Callusan Naturale products are standing for a sustainable well-being experience.
Discover with the Naturale Care-Rituals, that bodycare is more than just an application.




The Naturale Relax-Ritual




Step 1:

This wellness treatment starts with a relaxing, warm footbath Naturale Footbath MILD:

With valuable extracts of willow bark and pomegranate. Hard skin, callus and nails will get soften. The skin is moisturized and the pleasant fragrance ensures noticeable relaxation

Step 2:

That is followed by the Peeling Naturale AKTIV for easily removing skin flakes and cornea.

The velvet-soft skin is now noticeable receptive to additional treatments.



Step 3:


To complete your wellbeing treatment, apply one of the two Naturale foot creams, depending on your skin condition.

SANFT soothes the skin and supports its moisturizing power.

INTENSIVE smoothes stressed skin and makes it longlasting supple.

The pleasantly discreet, wonderfully fresh fragrance ensures a perfect pleasure


Finish this ritual with a cup of tea and take the relaxation with you.

The Naturale New Energy-Ritual



Step 1+2:

Also this personel treatment starts with a relaxing, warm footbath Naturale MILD.

After thus the cornea is softened and can be removed with the Naturale peeling AKTIV.  Now you are prepared for the following treatment.

It goes on now relaxed and clean.



Step 3:

A further variation of the sustainable well-being treatment with Callusan Naturale products is the massage.

The Pflegelotion ZART moisturizes with its light texture and cools the skin pleasantly. Aloe Vera calms the skin, jojoba oil makes it soft and supple. Camphor has a skin-penetrating and kramflösend.

By a light massage from the toes upwards both over the sole and the rist can now fresh energy from the feet into the whole body rise.


 Take this feeling and let it flow through your body through
 calm, deep inhalation and exhalation.