Thank you – „great, old man“

These have been the words of the President of the Central Association of Pediatricians of Germany (ZFD), Karl Heinz Hamme, to the retirement of Josef Greppmayr. In his article, he looked back on his 50-year career, which was far more than an independent activity as a foot specialist.

From pedicure to podiatry.

Through his idealistic attitude toward the profession of chiropodist, his vast knowledge and his inventiveness Josef Greppmayr coined the profession to a decisive degree. He established valuable connections with the medical profession and contributed significantly to the establishment of professional foot care as a recognized, medical assistance profession.

Together we are strong.


As a foundation member of the South German association medically checked Podiatrist, he lobbied for an organized protection of interests. The professionalization of the profession became a matter of heart. His engagement and his contributions through lectures and trainings helped the association substantially. The adoption of the Podiatrists Laws in 2001 would have fulfilled him with pride.