From the practice to the practice

At a young age of only 24 years, and at a time when things were not going well, Josef Greppmayr already recognized the manifold problems of the 'suffering foot in the health of the people'. Many people were suffering from corns, calluses, ingrown nails, as well as many other foot problems. Equally astonished as well as horrified at the fact that no profession of these sufferings was accepted with complete heart, he saw in it a potential field of action and began to deal intensively with the subject matter.

He studied medical textbooks and publications and developed autodidactically an anatomical and physiological basic knowledge. He changed medical methods and instruments until they were suitable for him and his treatment concept. He was one of the first to use rotating instruments for skin and nail treatments. In the absence of existing foot care devices, he used a discarded dentist’s drill, which he quickly modified. Thanks to his almost boundless imagination and his wealth of ideas, he always developed new techniques.

For his first attempts of an artificial nail substitute he still used Guttapercha, until the rapid development of the chemical industry produced more suitable plastics which flowed already in 1953 in his „Patent to the production of artificial fingernails and toenails“: UNGUISAN ® is till this day the most varied and most proven method if it is about therapeutic nail substitute.

No matter how a foot treatment is performed, Josef Greppmayr recognized very early that not only worked manually on the patient, the desired treatment success can often only be achieved through the use of suitable preparations and medication. The first products, which were treatment-supportive and of great care have been developed immediately. To this day the Kerasan® corneal ointment, for example, is an integral part of our range.

The following generations of Greppmayr are also continuing these visions. Our company philosophy is based on three essential aspects:

Comprehensive practice experience + Development of innovative working techniques + Use of natural ingredients

Always our goal: Sustainable solutions for foot problems

Our products are part of podological treatments.

Thea contain more than effective ingredients and  and pleasant dosage forms. They are firmly integrated into various treatment methods of skin, foot and nail problems.

Power and added value for you: Complete packages of high-quality products and professionel methods.