Josef Greppmayr

  Günther Greppmayr

  Andreas Greppmayr

The Greppmayr Company proudly looks back on more than 90 years of company history, as Josef Greppmayr (1901-1977) began to develop his own personal vision of professional "foot hygiene".


With a spirit of inventiveness and determination, he set standards and can be confidently  described as a pioneer of modern foot care. He used the discarded drill apparatus of a dentist and rotating instruments for the treatment of calluses, corns and nails. With this "electric foot care" he differed  early by manual working colleagues and quickly increased his awareness level. Many other inventions and procedures followed, of which the patient chair with integrated footrests, the Kely paste for corneal detachment, and the UNGUISAN nail prosthetic should be mentioned.

In 1956, Joseph's son, Günther Greppmayr, took up his father's practice and is still working  there. Early in his career, he was responsible for the initial ignition of ORTHONYXIE in Germany. When his Scottish colleague, Ross Fraser, presented him his nail clip in Munich, he immediately recognized the possible scope of this invention. Only a few months later, this sensational correction procedure was presented to an enthusiastic audience at the national pedicure congress in 1964 on the basis of successful practice cases and a live demonstration. There followed speeches at international congresses and consequent association activities, which have contributed significantly to the recognition of our profession. The high professional commitment of his parents - also his mother Renate is a podiatrist - coined Andreas Greppmayr. He looked for a medically oriented education and finally found it in England. From 1991-1994 he graduated at the University of Brighton.


The development of high quality products has always been part of the company Greppmayr. After Andreas's return to Munich, he initiated a reorientation of the product range, ie practically at home and on the road. If the early products were mainly intended for use in practice, all care products are now available for daily use at home. The company structure also took this development into account. Greppmayr GmbH originated as an independent company. From practice to practice is therefore not a slogan, but precisely describes the career of the company.

Constantly seeking new solutions for the most common foot problems, 3 product areas have evolved from the quest: